Writing Portfolio


I'm not just in the local paper. I write for it.

I write for my local paper in East Finchley. It’s called The Archer (after the iconic statue on the Tube station) and it’s delivered to around 9,500 households in London N2. It’s non-political and is run entirely on a volunteer basis. I’ve been reporting for them for over a year now, and in that time I’ve interviewed the executive producer of Embarrassing Bodies (he lives in East Finchley), the manager of our local greengrocer’s (they’ve been going for forty years), written several articles about birdwatching in the local area and even done a match report of how the cricket team I play for, N2 CC, did in the Mill Hill Sixes. Being a volunteer journalist, I have rediscovered, is a lot of fun – much more fun than my real job!

Anyway, I have three articles in this month’s edition on subjects as diverse as a recent council by-election, a brass band raising money for charity and a watch shop that sadly closed down thanks to Barnet Council’s outrageous CPZ charges. Plus, one of Allison’s recipes has been published. Believe me, it’s a good one.

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