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Golden duck

I guess it had to happen at some point.

My batting has never been of a particularly good standard but until last Saturday I had never been out first ball. Coming in at 5 in the middle of a batting collapse after spending two and a half hours in the field, though, I was unable to deal with a ball that kept low and straight, and the schoolboy error of leaving sufficient gap between bat and pad led to my stumps being rearranged and much merriment on the part of the opposition.

A very frustrating start to the season, especially as I’d been doing so well in the winter nets.

On the (sort of) plus side, this does mean that I can get a new tie – a Primary Club tie, that is. Only in England would there be a special club for cricketers who’ve been dismissed for a golden duck, but hey, it’s for a good cause (raising money for blind or visually impaired sports). 

Another positive to take from this is that I know that I can’t do any worse when I walk out to bat next time!

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