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Walking in Mill Hill

My latest ‘walking’ assignment for Londonist is all about Mill Hill – a circular walk beginning and ending at the Tube station at Mill Hill East and taking in part of the old railway route that used to run to Edgware (something I’ve looked into before on this blog) and then climbing up to Mill Hill Village, with views of the surrounding area. You can see Wembley Stadium and the church atop Harrow on the Hill from there, and I was pleasantly surprised to note the top of the Shard poking above the ridge to the south-east that I took to be Hampstead Heath. I rather liked this walk, especially as it took me onto almost-home territory; I grew up in nearby Edgware and spent many an hour in the pub that’s mentioned in the article, although it’s gone through at least one refit since those days!

The walk can be found on the following link:

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