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What impact will Brexit have on the European Health Insurance Card?

As someone who likes to travel around Europe, I have long been familiar with making sure that my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) hasn’t expired before I leave. This is the card (which replaced the old E111 form in 2004) which ensures that British citizens are entitled to the same basic state-funded healthcare as the residents of the European country which they are visiting (providing, of course, that that country is also a member of the European Economic Area – for this is an EEA thing rather than an EU thing – or Switzerland).

The outcome of last week’s referendum has thrown up a lot of uncertainty, and while health insurance when travelling abroad might not be the highest of priorities it is worth considering the impact that ‘Brexit’ will have on this. The good news, for now at any rate, is that British citizens’ EHIC cover will remain valid until Britain actually leaves the EU – so if you’re going to Europe in the near future, you still need to check that you’ve got a valid card.

I’ve written a piece on the impact that Britain’s exit from the EU will have on EHIC which has appeared on the EHIC Application UK website – to read it, please click on the link below:

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